We connect the software solutions that make up your business with each other, integrating your PMS with accounting, booking engine, channel manager, CRM, etc. We also integrate with your partners (TTOO, AAVV) or distributors (orders, invoices, etc.). We automate administrative processes, optimizing your business and freeing you from periodic and tedious tasks.

Integration with Channel Managers

Eturistic Integra is integrated with some of the best known Channel Managers in the market such as: Dingus, YieldPlanet, etc. Our experience in integrations and the use of our components allow us to develop new integrations with Channels Managers in an agile way, offering a robust solution. This type of integration not only allows you to update prices and inventories on your website, using your Channel Manager, but also enables a PMS or CRS system to update prices and inventories as if you were managing them directly in the Channel Manager.

Integration with PMS

We integrate your PMS by automating the entry of reservations from Channel Managers and Tour operators or the updating of prices and inventories from your PMS to the Channel Manager that you have contracted. We also synchronize customer information, loyalty systems, CRMs, etc.

Automation of processes and tasks

Automate recurring processes and tasks. We can automate processes triggered by events or scheduled on a complete date or with a specific recurrence. Also, we automate the entry of reservations regardless of the method (fax, e-mail, ftp, web service) that the travel agency, incomming or tour operator currently uses, regardless of the format (txt, csv, pdf, xml, etc) in which reservations are sent.

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