Booking engine

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Booking Engine

Booking engine for hotels

Our hotel booking engine can be used both independently and integrated with the remaining Eturistic Platform modules. The booking engine can easily be incorporated into an existing website or it can be used in conjunction with the remaining Eturistic Platform modules to compose a powerful website aimed at direct sales.

Booking engine for activities

Versatile reservation system that allows the reservation of any activity, service or tour, allowing the reservation of adventure activities, restaurants, events and shows, rental of services or vehicles, etc.

Booking engine for holiday homes

Software that allows the management of tourist or vacation rental reservations, in a centralized way and that allows the synchronization of calendars with the main reservation portals such as Airbnb, Homeaway, Tipadviosr ...

Holiday homes
Secure Payment

Stay safe with secure payments

Keeping your hotel and your guests safe is our first priority, so we have created secure payment integrations with each important payment infrastructure, taking into account the guidelines and standards around data security. Our integrations include PayPal, Paybot, Redsys, AddonPayments. Our job is to keep you and your customers protected!

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